Executives' Association of Greater Albuquerque History

On March 3, 1959; Howard Ehlert (agent for North American Van Lines) called upon eight other Albuquerque businessmen for a 7:00am breakfast at the Trade Winds Motel on Central Avenue.


Ehlert outlined the purpose of the meeting was to develop a workable plan which would generate mutually beneficial business for each participating company. Ehlert had previously heard of a program which was built around weekly meetings wherein each person in attendance was to provide at least one lead at every meeting!

The nine founders quickly established the format:

  • Meeting time: 7:00am to adjourn promptly at 8:00am sharp
  • Place: Trade Winds Motel
  • Cost: To be individually borne
  • Next meeting: Scheduled for March 10, 1959

That inaugural meeting was the beginning of the organization we now know as the Executives' Association of Greater Albuquerque. A year after this founding meeting, the principals became aware that the “Executive Association” was a nationally chartered association, which motivated the Albuquerque group to formally incorporate in November of 1960.

The initial officers were:

  • Jack Berg: President for two terms
  • Bob Bootzin: Secretary
  • Jim O’Malley was engaged as Executive Director

Today we number more than 120 members of varying professions.

Each one of these members exemplifies the best of the best in the Albuquerque business community.

Every week leads are given and information exchanged that helps members make decisions and take advantage of opportunities within the local business landscape.

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